Activities and Accommodation Whitsundays Has to Offer

The Whitsunday Coast is a vibrant magical region of Queensland, Australia. Here you may find adventure or even romance. With the Great Barrier Reef on your doorstep, there is no end of ocean -based adventure to be found. Read more at condor whitsundays.
What is there to do in the Whitsundays? Let’s take a look at the types of activities and accommodation Whitsundays has to offer.
Where is It?
The Whitsundays is midway along the Queensland coast of Australia and is bordered by the Great Barrier Reef. The region has 74 islands and the central hub to the region is Airlie Beach. Of the 74 islands, only 8 of them are actually inhabited. The area is rich with reefs, soft white sand and the calm waters of the Coral Sea.
To get to this area you can fly into the Great Barrier Reef Airport or the Whitsunday Coast Airport from the major cities of Australia such as Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Cairns. There are ferries which run from the mainland to the island resorts.
Being a prime travellers destination, the Whitsundays has a lot of places to choose from for accommodations. Everything from simple motels to island lodgings and hotels can be found. If you like to camp you can do that as well. For the adventurous, combine your activity with your accommodation and take an overnight sailing cruise. Anyone on any sort of budget will find a place to stay, whether it is a hostel or a luxurious hotel.

island resorts

bed and breakfasts

apartment rentals
There are endless possibilities for adventure and activities in the Whitsunday area. If you want to stay on the land there is walking and hiking on the Whitsunday Great Walk or Cedar Creek Falls. If you want to stay on or near the water you can charter sail or powerboat to explore the islands. The Great Barrier Reef is, of course, the big draw to the region. Arguably the world’s largest living structure, you can carefully explore the reef by snorkelling or scuba diving. Of course, there are many tour operators who will take you to prime spots for your reef adventures.
The local activities include:

swimming at the Airlie Lagoon

scuba and snorkelling

an overnight “reefsleep”


hike to the Hill Inlet lookout

whale watching

croc spotting
There are many adventures and accommodations Whitsundays has for all types of travellers and adventurers. Small budget or big budget, no problem; you’ll find great places to stay and lots to do to while you enjoy the rich natural beauty of this stunning ecological paradise.