Are Swinging Cribs a Good Idea?

As a father of four small children swinging cribs are great for some children, but not for all. Most children, especially those under 6 month in age has a very difficult time not being held. Often if they are placed in a crib and not being held, they fell alone and abandoned.

Prior to birth, a child is always being carried around. This child feel a closeness to his mother and the motion involved in her movements puts the unborn bay to sleep. At night when the perspective mother stops moving around as much, the child wakes up.

The biggest advantage of a swinging crib is that a lot of times the motion are very good a keeping a child who is a light sleep asleep. Please be aware, that with most children, you will still have to help them relax before you put them into a swinging crib. Often babies cry for one or all of the following reasons:

  1. They are hungry. Yes babies do get hungry and since they have small tummy and yet are growing so quickly, they may need to eat as often as 6 to ten times per day.
  2. They are wet. The truth is you would be crying to if you had to wear a wet diaper.
  3. They are tired. Often crying babies are so tired that they cry. If this is the only reason they are crying they should fall asleep very quickly. Swinging cribs work great to help solve these problems.
  4. Digestion problem. Some of my kids never had this problem, but at least two of them did. This is a tough thing to deal with because it seems like the kid is always either hunger or full and both times they are crying.
  5. Kids can also cry even they get sick or fell alone. When they get a little older, they may also cry when they are scared. Swinging baby cribs can help them relax, and this helps them to sleep.

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