Choosing the Child Care Center That Has Safe Best Baby Cribs

Mothers who are in the process of choosing a daycare centre for child care must be aware of recent changes in the law by the CPSC, a government safety agency. The law requires all child care facilities to replace all baby cribs. The choice of a child care facility has many different facets. It could be that you want it to be close to home, or maybe the size matters. Other factors are the qualifications of the people who are attending to your child. All of these factors are important. Baby cribs are of equal importance.

The law was put in to effect after numerous recalls from faulty hardware on many drop-side cribs that resulted in infant deaths, and injuries. In many cases, the child would push on the sides where loose hardware had developed and squeeze their head between the side and the frame. The child would then try to either push their way out or pull themselves back in resulting in suffocation.
The recalls were massive. Millions of cribs from various manufacturers were recalled and even retro kits were being suggested until it got to the point where there was too much confusion as to what crib was safe and which ones were faulty.

So on December 10th, 2010, a five-member panel voted to not only ban the drop-side cribs, but to require manufacturers to make safer baby cribs to a number of regulations and standards that affected almost all cribs. Also, child care centres and hotels were required to replace all cribs. Rental companies have until June 28th, 2011 to have the new compliant cribs.

However you go about choosing a child care centre, is a call only you can make. The information supplied here is only to help you make the best choice and a safe one. If you are in doubt about the standards, there are news agencies online that have the CPSC mandate. Print a copy and take it to the facility and ask the child care centre staff if their cribs are compliant. Take the model numbers and manufacturers brand from the cribs and make a call to the manufacturer and ask them specifically if the baby cribs model number meets the CPSC requirements. If in doubt, you can also find a number online for the CPSC and check with them to see what the proper way would be to ensure that the cribs are the right ones.

The safety of the baby is the most important thing and it will make you feel more secure when dropping your child off every day as you go to work or whatever the reasons are for daycare.